Product Design - Hoover Elementary

Product Design - Hoover Elementary


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Grades: 2nd and up

Day: Thursday

Time: 2:40p-4:10p (free supervision 2:00p-2:40p)

Dates: 4/19-5/24

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What to expect 

DesignX is excited to introduce an all NEW after-school enrichment experience to your kids this Spring! In our one-of-its-kind Product Design program your kids will get to conceptualize their idea for a product that they are most familiar with …. a wood desk organizer. They will explore the product's form and function and its connection to themselves. They will plan their design in 3D,  have fun sanding, painting, nailing and hammering as they bring their idea to fruition. A great accessory to keep those desk essentials organized - but most importantly they will bring home the priceless feeling of empowerment that they can make THEIR ideas happen!

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