Honing their visual thinking skills

Specifically developed for kids that want less of the construction and more of the designing and creative expression. 

 Fashion Prototyping

In this first ever program of its kind offered to young kids, students will learn to create fully functional prototypes of selected illustrations albeit on a smaller scale. A great course in design thinking that helps students learn and overcome the challenges associated with converting a 2D sketch to a fully functional 3D form

For students entering grades 4-10

Fashion Illustration

For those of you that love to draw and sketch and who can’t get enough, this special offering will provide our young designers with more advanced lessons in fashion sketching and illustration. We’ll cover the proportions of the fashion figure, examine the use of various drawing media and styles, and how to represent the different features and textures of a garment. Students will leave the classroom with a keep-sake portfolio of original drawings and equipped with skills to visualize and communicate their creative fashion ideas effectively on paper.

Appropriate for both newbies or any of our fashion design students who want to take their sketching skills to the next level.