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Durga Kalavagunta, a former leather designer, has enjoyed playing at the intersection of design and education over the last decade while raising her two children along with her husband in Los Altos, CA. Her strong desire to enrich the landscape of education for future generations inspired her to found DezignKidz in 2009, a pioneering design school for kids ages 7y-14y. DezignKidz, along with her partner, has inspired over 2500 students in the bay area, Silicon Valley in the creative and practical arts.

DesignX is the next chapter that is a result of shared creative experiences with her maker daughter. "Even though digital technology has invaded our lives and anything less makes no sense ...at its core the human experience remains a deeply, truly analog one, no matter how many virtual platforms we embrace" says David Sax author of 'Real things and why they matter'. And so here it is in this space, where she shares her passion for making with the younger generation, developing programs and products that provide young growing minds the same fun and basic human experience. She continues to use apparel/textile media while embracing new materials, tools and techniques and encouraging local talent. She holds an MS in Apparel Business from Virginia Tech,  Virginia and an MS in Textiles from MSU, India

Durga is often seen volunteering at the local public schools, supporting programs both in Arts and STEM. She currently serves as an Executive Board Member of the MVLA High School Education Foundation. At other times Durga is found spending time with family and friends, dreaming, meditating and nurturing her low maintenance succulent garden.