Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get artsy?

In this one-of-a-kind program for this age, students will take a step back to understand how beautiful fabrics and textiles are created in the fashion and textile industries. In this very fun and hands-on class our creative textile designers will change the surfaces of fabrics by exploring various forms of fabric printing, dyeing and painting techniques all with sustainability in mind using locally available dyes. Students will use these techniques to create original textiles with their very own motifs and patterns, explore principles of repetition, pattern, scale and geometry. They will then use the finished textiles to make simple fashion and home accessories like scarves, napkins and pillow covers.

Our budding textile designers will not only leave the class with products made by them with 'original' fabrics but also with a sense of appreciation for textile art forms from around the world as they study the origins of textiles from far and near, understand their history, the context, and their evolution.

For students entering grades 4-18