Product Design + Fashion Prototyping

Product Design + Fashion Prototyping


July 2nd - July 6th

(July 4th holiday - no class)

9am - 4pm

For students entering grades 3-10

AM: Developed specially for students that love to design and build using harder materials like wood and plastics.  Offering for the time this summer, students get to conceptualize their idea, plan their design and assemble a product that they are most familiar with …. a desk organizer. They will explore the product's form and function and its connection to themselves. A great accessory to keep those desk essentials organized. Kids will learn to play with a range of materials from wood to textiles – but most importantly they will bring home the priceless feeling of empowerment that they can make THEIR ideas happen!

PM: In the afternoon students will learn to create fully functional prototypes of clothing, albeit on a smaller scale. A great course in design thinking that helps students learn and overcome the challenges associated with converting a 2D sketch to a fully functional 3D form.

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