How to Create Darts

Today’s blog post comes from one of our programs, Fashion Prototyping, where kids learn how to create clothing designs on paper and then translate those illustrations into real 3D prototypes of the clothing on mannequins. Our wonderful Fashion Illustration and Prototyping instructor, Julia, taught us how to make a 3D prototype of a fashion illustration for a skirt with darts in the instructional video below. Darts are a fun and easy way to make your skirts look more flattering and feminine and can be done in eight simple steps. Follow along with the instructions in this blog post while watching Julia’s video and soon you’ll have a skirt with perfect darts in no time!

The materials that you’ll need to make this prototype are:

  1. Pins

  2. Fabric

  3. Pattern *click the link below to download our free pattern for the skirt!*

  4. DesignX Fashion Mannequin

Once you’ve gathered your materials you’re ready to start creating! Here’s how to create darts in eight easy steps:

  1. Take your pattern, you’ll have two of the front and one of the back, and use it to cut out a piece of fabric that will become your skirt.

  2. Wrap the fabric around the mannequin to create a skirt and pin it to the back of the mannequin to secure it using two pins. Make sure the fabric is inside out.

  3. Now it’s time to create the darts! Your darts will be on the seams of the mannequin with one on the left and one on the right of the front of the mannequin and the same on the back.

  4. Pinch the fabric on the left side of the front until it’s tight and pin it. Do the same on the right side, making sure that the darts look even.

  5. Turn the mannequin around and do the same thing on the back.

  6. Take the pins out of the back and take the skirt off of the mannequin. Your skirt will have four pinned darts.

  7. Sewing time! For each dart, sew from the edge of the fabric where the dart begins down to where the dart ends. Sew from farther away from the dart at the top to the line of the dart at the bottom, creating a little triangle.  

  8. Once you’ve sewn all four darts, make sure the fabric is now right side up and then put the skirt back on the mannequin. The darts should create a nice snug fit along the waist.

And there you have it! By following these eight simple steps you’ll have learned how to create darts. If you create a prototype using this model, be sure to show us your finished product by tagging us on instagram @designxcompany. If you’re interested in learning more about fashion illustration and prototyping, be sure to check out our programs here. Happy sewing!

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