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Founder, Durga Kalavagunta, a former designer was in search of rich hands-on and creative experiences for her two young children and for the students at her local elementary school as the PTA Chair of after-school programs, back in 2007. Discovering the number of quality programs to be few and far between, she decided to fill the gap.

Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, her early fascination with textiles (growing up around her grandfather’s textile mills) and her professional background in leather design and manufacturing led her naturally to fashion design.

"I see clothing as a form of art," said Kalavagunta, who added that she has been fascinated by fabrics since she designed clothes for her dolls as a child. -Los Altos Town Crier

The concept that took roots in the Fall of 2008 was launched as DezignKidz in early 2009 along with her friend. Eight fun years and 12 programs later, Durga and her partner decided to charter different courses.

The complexities of the fast changing world and the importance of creativity in solving future problems inspired Durga to found DesignX in early 2017. DesignX programs are inspired by the rich creative experiences that she shares with her now 18y old ‘maker’ daughter, who continues to have a strong influence on the business.